Carrot Choco-Walnut Cupcakes

Mmmmm…You’re in for a treat!

Our carrot cupcakes, loaves and cakes are baked to order using the freshest, natural and organic ingredients.

Select from our perfected flavors or customize your order. Vegan, gluten-free and nut-free options are available, so everyone can enjoy our carrot cake!

To place an order,  contact us at 202.750.1620.

Explore Our Carrot Cake Flavors 

    • Cupcakes

      Enjoy our original carrot cake cupcakes plain or or spruce them up with your choice of fresh add-ins, icings and toppings.

    • 1 Dozen Cupcakes

      1 Dozen Cupcakes


      (12) 3" golden cupcakes

    • 6-pack Cupcakes

      6-pack Cupcakes


      (6) 3" golden cupcakes

    • Loaves

      Bars of Gold! Our golden loaves are available in our original carrot cake recipe, vegan and with our fresh add-ins.

    • Loaf



      (1) 9"x5"x3" Loaf

    • Mini-Loaf



      (1) 5 3/4" x 3 3/4" Loaf

    • Cakes

      Our decadent, layered carrot cakes are available plain or with whipped cream cheese frosting.

    • 9-inch Cake

      9-inch Cake


      Plain, 3-layer 9" carrot cake with triple-layer of cream cheese frosting.

    • 7-inch Cake

      7-inch Cake


      Plain, 2-layer 7" carrot cake with double-layer of cream cheese frosting.

    • Ice Cream

      Our velvety ice cream with carrot cake chunks is not to be missed! Choose Vanilla, Ginger-Cream Cheese or Coconut (vegan).

    • Ice Cream

      Ice Cream


      Two scoops